Weave and Extensions Bridgeport, CT

Why wait? Get the long hair you want right now

You can turn to Lea’s Beauty and Fashion to experiment with a new look or to maintain your existing style.

Celebrities who showcase flowing locks on the red carpet often turn to extensions or hair weaving to create their hairstyles – and you can too.

Rather than wait month after month for your natural hair to become long, get the look you want right away at Lea’s Beauty and Fashion with hair weaving and extension services in Bridgeport, CT and serving surrounding areas.

Keep your natural hair healthy with our experienced staff

All women – regardless of hair texture or style – need to be aware of how to maintain and care for their hair. Opting for a weave or set of extensions is no different. At Lea’s Beauty and Fashion, you’ll get that long-haired look from experts who know how to care for your natural hair.

Avoid having your natural hair suffer from breakage from an improperly-done weave or set of extensions; let us use our two decades-worth of experience to give you a chic style that keeps your hair healthy.

Maintain your long-haired look with our guidance:

  • Secure your hair while you sleep with a bandana to prevent friction that can cause tangles or knots
  • Avoid washing your hair every day to prevent extra wear and tear on your new hair
  • When possible, let your hair air dry rather than using a blow-dryer
  • Avoid excess heat while using styling instruments

Revamp your look with a hair weave or set of extensions. Call 203-913-4073 or visit 2078 Boston Avenue in Bridgeport CT, or just click here to fill our an appointment form.